Ticket ABC customers to earn FIDA tokens when purchasing tickets

1 min readMar 9, 2023


Customers earn 1 FIDA token for each €1 spent.

Ticket ABC follows Rakuten Tickets as partner for FIDA. Buy Tickets. Get Tokens.

9th March 2023

Ticket ABC customers can now earn FIDA tokens when they purchase tickets.

FIDA is the new infrastructure for brands to issue their own loyalty tokens that can be redeemed for goods and services. Ticket ABC customers will earn 1 FIDA token for every €1 they spend.

The benefits of decentralised loyalty tokens over centralised loyalty points for consumers include interoperability, transferability, and tokens that don’t expire.

Ticket ABC is the second brand to partner with FIDA after Rakuten Tickets https://rakuten.co.uk/ticketing . Both brands now have the framework to enable customers to earn FIDA tokens, with more partners are to be announced this year. Buy Tickets. Get Tokens.

About FIDA:

FIDA is building the infrastructure for brands to issue their own loyalty tokens when customers purchase their goods and services.



FIDA has been created by the team at Coras